The NOVA laser cutter carries all the best functions like Hybrid servo motor and excellent engraving quality with high resolution etc.Users can also choose RF tube to reach an even higher cutting and engraving quality.And we also add much more user friendly designs to this excellent series.

Laser Specifications

LCD panel

Set speed, power, and more directly from the LCD panel.


Auto focus

Help the user to set focus Easier. (based on motorized table)


Motorized table

Control the table up/down from LCD panel directly


Honey comb table

Reduces underside reflections.


Aluminum blade cutting table

Reduce the influence of the reflection of laser.


Connection ways

High-speed Ethernet line or the USB cable line.


Visible Red Dot Pointer

Make the laser beam “visible”.


High quality laser tube

Every laser tube must pass the strict quality control test.


Mirror mount

Thunderlaser easily re-adjusting 3D mirror mounts.


Open flap protection

Laser will stop working if you open the front cover.


High quality rails

Keep the engraving/cutting precise and very durable.


Exhaust system

Ensure the work pieces and laser cutter machine inside be clean.

Air assist

Blowing air to prevent the material being burned.

Water Chiller

Keep the temperature to ensure the stability of laser working.

Hybrid servo motors

1000mm/s speed for engraving photo, super smooth vector cutting quality.

Low-noise cooling fan

Operate the laser in a quiet and comfortable surroundings.

Thunder Laser Machine Details

What Can the Thunder Laser Cut

Anodized Aluminium
Double Colour ABS
Fabric and Leather
Granite and Marble
Marked Metal