Our Equipment.


We are dedicated to manufacturing precision parts to the tightest tolerances and specifications. We deliver value on all of our projects unmatched quality products. CNC laser technology allows us to manufacture complex shapes and geometric parts quickly and cost-effectively.

Etching and Engraving

Laser etching and laser engraving are two of our most popular services. We have a proven track record in laser etching and laser engraving on a variety of materials including anodized aluminum, leather, ceramics, mylar, pressboard, wood, acrylic, glass, stainless steel, brass and coated metals.


CNC Router

We provide CNC routing services to clients both large and small throughout all industries. Offering simple or complex shaping, profiling, cutting and routing on a wide range of sheet materials, we are able to carry out one off productions or large batch runs. Our CNC Routers are commonly used for, but not limited to, routing (and cutting) of wood, foam, plastic, HDPE, etc. With a table processing area of up to 60 x 120 inches, we can route large surfaces.


UV Printing

UV printing is a digital printing technology that allows you to print on different surfaces such as plastic, metal, paper stocks, and even golf balls. It uses ultraviolet light to cure the uv inks during the printing process. This curing process takes almost instantly, making it fast and your end product ready to go. It works best on flat surfaces but, unlike other printing methods, it can print on non-flat surfaces such as balls, mugs, and even wood.


Acrylic Bending

We offer a full in house bending service on all of our acrylic sheets, we have no minimum orders and are able to do one off prototypes and also full production roll outs Bending acrylic is done through a process of heating the acrylic sheet which makes the heated area thermoformable and the is then able to be bent into place. We do a variety of acrylic stands and enclosures.

Design Services

The Design Team are fully conversant with numerous software packages and on-going training ensures we are up to date with current technology. We generate design either inhouse or with trusted partners to support our manufacturing services.

Digital Flatbed Cutter

Our digital flatbed cutter is ideal for cutting and creasing custom designs. Processing materials include paper, cardboard, synthetic films and labels up to 600gsm thick. Our machines can handle full cutting, half cutting, creasing, perforating and plotting.


Vinyl Cutting

Computer cut vinyl is ideal for window graphics as well as vehicles when you want a simple logo or single colour text for your window display or van. We supply custom cut designs which can be used for window displays, personalizing promotional items or as wall decals.


And This Is Just The Beginning. Prepare For Your Mind Blown!

We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to different circumstances and different expectations, and more than that, we’re always eager to take on a new challenge. Whatever your project, however big, however small, however fiddly, however straightforward, we’d love to hear about it!

We’re continuously expanding our capability, send us a message to learn more.