Digital printing uses computer technology to develop your thoughts and ideas and translating into an image which is printed directly on the material or item of your choice. Virtually any image created with computer and design software can be transferred onto the surface of a promotional product. Digital printing is an excellent way to personalize your items.



Digital imaging and printing offer a cost-effective and time-efficient solution for producing on-demand, short-run promotional items.

We offer high quality, customization and personalization services, whether you need one item or many more. We aim to provide a much needed service of affordable specially made items with no minimum quantity required. We’ve partnered with small, large companies, religious organizations, teams, groups and individuals to meet their specific needs.



Personalizing items help to show you care whether its friends, family, clients or a special something for yourself.

Apparel/ Tshirt Printing

We take your apparel printing design ideas and turn them into customized t-shirts for you, your teams, school, company, and clubs. You can design your own original artwork. You’re sure to get exactly what you want, just as envisioned.

UV Curing Technology

Print directly onto materials like acrylic, wood, glass, plastics, leather, rubber, cloth with speed and detail, maintaining the highest industry standards for environmentally responsible printing processes.

Print encourages a sense of closure, a sense that what is found in a text has been finalized, has reached a state of completion.


Walter J. Ong

Don’t follow in any footprints, make your own prints. Because, you are the future of tomorrow.


Jackie Joyner-Kersee

You are putting on paper, in print, what you sense and feel in your mind.

Anthony Barboza

Your life is a print-out of your thoughts.

Steve Maraboli

We are a one stop shop for custom merchandise. Whether you’re looking for event giveaways, personalized party supplies, or unique corporate gifts, we have you covered.

Our capabilities and equipment allow us to do some truly special projects. We have the ability to use multiple methods of developing truly unique creations which could include custom cutting, engraving, etching, decorative abrasive blasting, painting and printing. Let your imagination take over, look at some of our previous projects.